About BA1 Radio

We are a not for profit organistion training people in radio broadcasting. Working within a professional environment we help individuals with employability and soft skills such as time keeping, organisation and communication, to help them grow.

We are a local radio station for bath, providing local content, made and produced by local people of all ages giving them the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a part of radio.

We have access to industry experts to help guide our volunteers along the way, from presenting your own shows, to learning how to communicate with listeners.

“Being a part of Radio over the years has helped boost my confidence, and self-belief, it has also helped me to communicate well with others, helping me to develop as an individual.”

- Brandon Messer, Volunteer

Anyone can be a part of BA1 Radio. From young to old, we are here to encourage everyone to enjoy themselves in an environment built to help them be themselves and try something new. Our aims are:

Our Organisation

Information on how we are organised and operate

Our Governence

Our Plan

Our strategy for the future of the organisation. Download our current business plan.

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Policies and Legal Docs

If you really want to read our policies and other legal tidbits then this is the place.

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