Choir Boss hires entire football stadium for community sing

Since the start of Lockdown last year, Matt Finch and his choirs have been online, and singing has been effectively banned. Currently the rules state that no more than 6 people can sing inside, and only up to 30 people can sing in a group outside. While football fans sing on the terraces, protesters sing on marches, singers and choir leaders have sat silently watching in despair as others sing. So Matt Finch has hired Twerton Park Stadium on the17th July, for 90 minutes, so that anyone who wants to come and sing in a big group, can come along and join team “SingingUnited”. Matt has teamed up with some local and National Choir leaders to lead the socially distanced crowd in a big sing song for 90 minutes;a great big social distanSING!

Tickets are only £3.50 each but must be bought before Tuesday 13th July, so that Matt and the team can work out a seating plan. There are big blocks of 90 seats in the stadium,where there can be groups of up to 30, still socially distant, but singing their hearts out.Matt said: “I’m so excited to lead some real singing,with real people! We will be singing popsongs that you all know, and short little rounds and chants to create an instant massive choir.It’s only 90 minutes, but will be fun packed – and even if it rains, everyone will be under cover in the stands. I can’t wait”

Tickets can be purchased from here.