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Would you like to get involved in BA1 Radio? We have many opportunities available for people of all ages to get involved. You can view our open available roles on do-it, a website people can use to find volunteering opportunities. Alternatively, you can contact us with a role that you think you could fill or help with. We need people from a range of backgrounds and skill sets to help us train others and ourselves.

Some of the possible roles could be:

Once you apply, we will get in touch to arrange an interview. This is just a casual conversation so that we can gain a good understanding of yourself and what you would like to get from us. After this you will be contacted so that you can attend an induction day where you will hopefully meet other volunteers and get set up with us. After this, you’re ready to get started whether that be learning, teaching or both.

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How do we train people?

In order to train people, we will be working to make a comprehensive training plan. This will consist of both mandatory and voluntary training. The training will be delivered in modules, that set out the outcomes of the training and what you should acheive. This gives everyone, teaching and learning a clear understanding of what they will walk away with.

If you joined as a presenter, it would be mandatory to complete basic studio training. In the future, the volunteer may be encouraged to take further modules of training in order to operate an "offline" studio or produce an outside broadcast.

Other training modules focus on soft skills that can be valuable to any role. These may be in confidence building, public speaking and career choices.

More information will be provided when we have finalised our training plans.