BA1 Radio - Our Goverance

BA1 Radio is set up as a Non for profit organisation. We hope to later register as a charity and become a CIO. The organisation structure consists of the board of trustees who govern BA1 Radio and then any committees that have been commissioned to run parts of the station. Each year, we aim to have a Annual General Meeting (AGM) where we open up to questions from the general public and our volunteers.

Our Constitution

Open book, pages turning

Our constitution is the document that governs our organisation. It is a set of rules and procedures for running the organisation and the decisions made by the board. It’s important because....

Download our constitution here. Download (PDF, 118k)

Our Trustees

The board of trustees are made up of four trustees. The board is responsible for making decisions about the charity.

Our board of trustees. 4 young men standing together

Samuel Maggs

Samuel is the chair of the board. Before working with us he was completing his degree in Computing and worked as the project manager of the ‘Got Ya Back’ river safety campaign within Bath. The organization worked with the local authorities and universities to collectively improve night time safety in Bath.

Samuel has previously been involved in a school and local community radio station. He would present a daily breakfast show with Tom Wyatt as well as covering for other volunteers. Whilst part of the school station, Samuel worked with teachers to help involve students in the station and their academic work.

Luke Nix

Luke is the Station Manager and will be managing the radio station. Luke has 8 years experience working on a radio station. He used to present the Drivetime show on a local radio every day of the week for 4 years. Along with his co-presenter they won a Sony Radio Award for the best entertainment program. As well as presenting on the station he would assist with the day to day operations. This involved building playlists, managing the playout system and training new presenters ready for on air broadcasting.

Luke currently runs his own business managing music playout systems for retail facilities across the UK. This gives Luke a vast knowledge in radio and music systems and the related operational requirements.

Tom Wyatt

Tom has over 10 years experience working on a radio station and was mainly involved with management. His role included managing volunteers, training presenters, maintaining the stations playlists and creating the website. He would also present an afternoon show which had a varied genre of music for 4 years. He currently works with financial systems and is our treasurer.

Luke Taylor

Luke is our secretary assists in organising and managing meetings. Luke is also the Head of PR & Comms at the station and helps manage social media, create videos and photos and creates press releases.