Station Schedule

Our schedule is shown below. It's always changing as new volunteers come and go so be sure to check back.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 - 10am Baths Big Breakfast
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
10am - 12pm
Monday's Office Sounds
Thursdays Throwbacks Weekend Breakfast Weekend Breakfast
12 - 2pm Lunchtime Lunchtime Lunchtime Lunchtime Lunchtime
2 - 3pm
3 - 6pm Drivetime Drivetime Drivetime
Drivetime Weekly Sport Review
6 - 7pm Tech Talk with Samuel
Indie Tom
Brandon's Hour of 80s Weekend Rave
7 - 9pm
9pm - 11pm Late nights with Luke Late Nights Late Nights Late Nights Late Nights
11pm - 12am
12 - 2am