Six-year-old recycling hero Ronnie cleans up

Meet six-year-old community champion Ronnie who lives in Bath. When Ronnie saw that rubbish had spread across the communal garden where he loves to play, he took matters into his own hands. Armed with his dad’s litter picker, Ronnie single-handedly cleaned up all the rubbish that had blown across the garden.

Ronnie’s mum, Victoria Burman, said: “I’m so proud of what a caring young man we have living here. Unfortunately, not everyone in the block where we live is sensible when they put their black bin rubbish out for collection.

“Just before Christmas, after the bins were emptied, the communal garden where Ronnie plays was covered in overspill and bags that hadn’t been collected. On the Sunday morning, Ronnie told me he wanted to clear it up rather than wait for Curo to come and clear up after the weekend.

“After what a rubbish year these kids have had due to COVID-19, I wanted to share what a grand job Ronnie has done.”

Ronnie said: “I wanted to clean up the rubbish in the garden because it was very messy. It makes me feel sad when people litter and it helps the community when it’s clean. I’d do it again because I love playing in a clean garden.”

Carl McMurtry, Curo Head of Estates Services, said: “A big thanks to Ronnie – he is a real star. It’s always fantastic when community-spirited residents like Ronnie take the initiative and help to keep their neighbourhood clean.

“We’ve been upgrading the rubbish and recycling facilities across our larger estates and it’s important to remind customers that the local council won’t collect rubbish that’s not put inside the right containers. It only takes one bag left on the ground and uncollected to result in litter spreading out, which then has to be cleared up later.

“Hopefully, reading about Ronnie’s efforts and his pleas to keep his estate clean will encourage everyone to put their rubbish into the right bins, helping us to keep all our neighbourhoods clean and tidy.”